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Google Adwords: Spending money on your brandname is wasteful

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone crazy – hear me out.

A potential customer has Googled your brand because they want to find out more about what you offer, or they are interested in buying your goods.

So, I ask you this, why would you pay for an advert to be displayed on Google under the search term of ‘Your Brand Name’? They are trying to find you anyway! Isn’t Adwords meant to be used for inorganic growth?

This is a trap lots of businesses fall under when they start using Google Adwords.

So why do people do it?

You could argue that if your business’ website does not come up on Google when you search for it, thus Adwords is the only way to get to the top of the search engine.

But Adwords is not the solution, it only adds to the problem.

Not only will your website remain difficult to find, but you will also be paying for the privilege of being on the first page of Google.

And the solution?

The cost-effective solution remains in optimising your website to ensure it appears prominently on a search engine when someone searches for your brand name.

This includes detailed meta descriptions, headings, web page titles and content all including your brand name.

Paying for Adword adverts that include your brand name as a keyword should only be used as a short-term solution for whilst you get your SEO sorted out.

If you are having difficulty in understanding your Adwords, do not hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation on how we can help.

The take home message: Why pay for something which you are rightfully entitled to for free?

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