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10 things you can’t do with your eyes!

That is just one of the suggestions generated by AI for our next article post.

This week we tested out Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is predicted to be the next big thing in computing, with the team at OpenAI creating incredibly impressive work. It is difficult to believe how far AI has come in recent years.

An area we find particularly interesting is the ability for AI to generate web code simply with a few commands written in plain english. This is going to revolutionise web development and make it more accessible, transforming our industry.

Web Designers are not the most creative people

AI BotKnows too much

So we thought we’d dip our toe in the AI waters, and see if it can generate some ideas for some blog posts.

To do this, we fed in over 100 different marketing and web design blog titles (including all of ours) and hit that big hypothetical ‘Go’ button.

And the surprising thing….. it actually came up with a few good ideas!

The rest either didn’t make sense, were hilarious, or were too sasssy (and some were all 3). Some even scared us a little bit, such as “Why designers should pay…”

Some of our favourites

  • The World’s tastiest webpages
  • You are entering The Marketer’s Vault, and we recommend it. Welcome!
  • Web Developers and Writers don’t just look better!
  • You can’t make them happy…so…?
  • Web designers areĀ not the most creative people.
  • Your customer wants their stuff!
  • You’re probably thinking “Well, look at all that design!”
  • How do I make Marketing pay for this?
  • But they know about the internet, right?
  • 100% of web design is design.
  • Common mistake of graphic designers: not using a colour.
  • 20 Years of designing is not that bad.
  • Why should you care about graphic design? It’s the only thing you have!

And here are some of the workable(ish) ones

  • How to be a good graphic designer.
  • How to design better images for your website.
  • Today, the industry demands better design.
  • From bold colours and powerful headlines.
  • How to make a graphic designer happy.

When we started to look at AI, we were hoping for thousands of brilliant blog ideas, and instead had a good laugh and the content for this post.

Whilst on a few occasions I have heard colleagues ask how on earth can they get the marketing team to pay for something, the reach for a blog article on the topic will be narrow. If you are curious on this matter, message us privately.

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