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Small to Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 64% of the overall environmental impact within the European Union.

Whilst small individual actions may seem negligible, collectively we can make our home a safer place to live for generations to come.

We are so incredibly proud to announce that Glimpse Media are implementing an innovative carbon accounting system to help monitor our carbon footprint, and to assist us not only in reducing our emissions, but to become (at least) completely carbon neutral through approved carbon offsetting measures.

We are going to make the whole process completely transparent, and report on our progress annually. Over the last 12 months, we have been conducting in-depth audits and analysis and have identified areas for immediate action.

To launch this new and exciting project, we have already offset 1.61 tonnes of CO2 in various global projects approved by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

This ambitious journey will see radical change with no stone left unturned, from greener energy in our office, to a complete review of our suppliers.

We look forward to releasing our Carbon and Sustainability Report 2019/20 soon.

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