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It’s Only the Start.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) account for 64% of the overall environmental impact within the European Union (EU).

Individual measures may seem negligible and futile, however collectively we can make the planet a safer and more sustainable home.

I just wish the world was twice as big, and half of it was still unexplored.

David Attenborough

Over the last 12 months, Glimpse Media have been conducting in-depth audits and reviews over our environmental impact ready for our incredible new journey to become (at least!) Carbon Neutral. Our new innovative Carbon Accounting System has now been implemented for monitoring our day-to-day activities. This Carbon and Sustainability Report 2019/20 is our first annual report to transparently update you on our progress, our aims, and our plan.

Our 2019 Environmental Review

Our emissions

As an office-based business in Central London, our biggest energy-expenditure was on Electricity for our lighting and office equipment (1,834 kWh) and Gas for our heating (5,993 kWh).

Working with suppliers

Our suppliers were also scrutinised, and whilst all of our paper-based products (such as leaflets, posters, business cards) are from sustainable sources, we felt some suppliers were not making enough effort on combating their carbon footprint. As an incentive to monitor our suppliers’ emissions, we will be including all emissions from suppliers through processes for Glimpse Media within our annual review. This is a difficult task which will rely working closely with suppliers who are able to transparently provide details of the energy consumed in each task.

Total emissions

Thus in total, our CO2 emissions for 2019 are estimated to be 1.61 Tonnes. We are so incredibly proud to announce that this figure has been offset through verified schemes and as such all emissions resulting from activities generated by Glimpse Media have been off-set to allow us to say we are Carbon Neutral.

A Cleaner 2020

Transparent Communication

Glimpse Media are proud to say we are Carbon Neutral, and feel it is necessary for businesses who claim to be so to provide evidence. Moreover, we feel it is not adequate to simply offset carbon emissions with no extra effort. We will be providing regular updates on our progress, as well as these annual reports so you can hold us to account.

Green Energy

From January 2020, our energy supplier has pledged that all of our energy will be coming from sustainable and renewable sources in a new Green Tariff. This will reduce our CO2 emissions right from day one, ensuring quick preventive measures. Moreover, through new smart meters in the office, we hope to reduce overall emissions by 10% by the end of 2020.

Amazon Reforestation

Not only are we becoming Carbon Neutral with our operations, but we proactively chose not to deduct the carbon off-setting generated from our Amazon Rainforest Reforestation initiative, whereby we facilitate the planting of a tree in the Amazon for every project we complete. This means that we will be more than Carbon Neutral – that is, taking more CO2 out of our atmosphere than what we release!

You can find more on our Amazon Reforestation project on our blog.

Carbon Offsetting

We have already offset 1.61 Tonnes of CO2 generated from our emissions in 2019 thus far through verified schemes. This includes Solar and Wind Farms, and Hydroelectric projects across the globe.

As we have said above, Carbon Offsetting is not enough, and preventative action is the gold-standard. As Glimpse Media grows as a business, our emissions are inevitably going to increase. However, measuring our emissions against our revenue is going to be a key internal metric for assessing our impact.

Thank You

Finally, and most importantly, we want to thank you.

We have been able to combine two of our passions, helping people achieve their dreams through their own hard word, and for helping protect our environment.

This is going to be an incredible journey, and we can’t wait to work with you and to share our amazing story along the way.

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