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Google’s Search Console is a brilliant set of tools and reports you can use to monitor your sites accessibility, performance and ranking on the web.

It allows you to optimise your website to ensure it is displayed in a way which promotes not only your site, but allows for the best practice for user experience. And best of all, it is completely free (thanks, Google!).

Google Search Console Logo

What you’ll need

  • Google Account
  • Website
  • That’s it!

The Search Console

To access the Search Console, go to and click ‘Start Now’.

Login or create a Google Account to access the Console.

Adding your website

Previously, you had to add all variations of prefix for your domain to the search console (www., m., http, https, no www. …), however now you can simply add the domain (or subdomain) and Google will automatically include all various prefixes.

Enter the domain name and press ‘Continue’.

Adding domain to Search Console
Verifying the DNS

Verifying your website

In order to prevent users accessing the Search Console for any website, you have to verify you are the owner of the website and have access to the servers in which the site is stored on.

To do this, we need to add a record with a unique verification code to the Domain Name System (DNS) which is stored with your domain name provider.

Google will then check that the verification code they have just given you is now on the DNS.

If you are with Gandi.Net, GoDaddy,, or Ionos (formerly 1&1), Google provides you with a simple walkthrough.

Domain Name Provider not listed?

If you are not with the above providers, simply copy the verification code to be used later.

Login to your domain control-panel provided by your domain name provider (found on their website) and access the DNS Records.

Simply add a new record, with the value of this record being the verification code provided which you have copied.

Once this is done, you will have full access to your Search Console.

Verified Search Console


All of the website projects Glimpse Media work on come with Google Search Console already having been set up. All you will need is a Google Account which, after the site has been fully completed, will then be used as the primary account holder for your new website!

Need help setting up Google Search Console?

We can help!

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