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Over the years, we have worked with numerous different private hospitals and outpatient clinics. Our work spanned from ensuring efficient use of company resources through an adequate scheduling system, to developing marketing strategies to drive patient referrals into the Hospital facilities from primary care clients.

We organised and managed one of London’s largest GP Conferences with over 500 medics attending. Our post-event analysis showed an increase in referrals into the Hospital Facility.


Private Hospitals and Outpatient Clinics

What We Did

Marketing Strategy & Business Development, Scheduling, Events, Financial Auditing

One of London’s

largest GP Conferences

Over 500 attendees to one of London’s largest GP Conferences at The Royal College of Physicians, saw an increase in referrals to key service lines.

An increase in revenue,

reputation and efficiency

Not only did the number of referrals into the Hospital facilities increase through our more established marketing strategy, so too did the efficiencies made within the scheduling department, thus increasing revenue from a two-pronged approach. Reputation also increased, from more professional and meaningful front-facing events, through to the better use of resources with clients, decreasing frustration and complaints.

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