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Your volunteering salesperson

Consider your point of sale (POS) display as your very own volunteer salesperson. Okay, there’s a one off fee for getting them designed and printed but then they’re yours. They do everything a human salesperson would do but are not as intrusive; they don’t go for the hard-sell. They’re attractive (no offence sales people) and they don’t strike at the thought of an all night tube service.

Below, we are going to examine three key areas which you need to perfect in order to have an effect point of sale display.

Making your POS Display attractive

Put your product on the stage it deserves

Would you rather your product be displayed on a soapbox or performing on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury. Your POS should be attractive, imaginative, inviting. It has the very difficult job of inviting people to come away from what they were doing, and reaching out to your product.

Make it bright, inventive and unique. Get your consumers’ attention.

Over time your displays may start to become a bit tatty. In order to get the best from your POS, try offering the trailer free replacements as and when needed. A pristine POS display will not only look better in store but will also show your product off to the max.


Making people reach for your product and letting them

Once you get your product into store, do not just let it end there. Insist on inspecting the location of your POS.

Do not let them take you to the location of your POS display, instead try and find it for yourself, get an idea of what the store journey will be like for your consumers.

Is your POS on the bottom shelf? Is it on the top? Is it cramped behind some other POS? You cannot be too demanding as it may annoy your new ally but explain your worries to them.

Keep it fresh

Do not forget about your POS Display

Your POS diplays are just like any other area of your marketing material and your products, it needs to be kept fresh and up to date. Much like the product cycle of businesses, you cannot rely on one POS as it will become boring and start fading into the background.

Tie POS displays in with your marketing campaigns, invent new ways of showing off your product, experiment with different displays; what works best for your product.


Some of our favourites


It’s fairly simple to create effective point of sale displays, just be:

  • Attractive
    • An attractive POS will make your products attractive
  • Accessible
    • Make your products easy to reach
  • Up to date
    • Link POS displays with your marketing campaigns

As usual, any questions, comment below and we will help where we can.

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