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Planning for your business’ future

Budgets are a mean of transferring an organisation’s top-level goal(s) down through the business in financial terms.

Missions and values of an organisation are fed from the very top of the organisation, and are eventually translated into goals, and subsequently objectives, which are then met by the day-to-day activities of the organisation’s employees.

Predicting the future

Forecasts and insights are essential when creating a budget, as these will impact upon the likelihood of meeting any objectives. But it also involves looking at every aspect that affects performance across the organisation.

When helping an organisation plan for the future, Glimpse Media will not only provide the necessary insights for forecasting, but will spend a lot of the time with those that get the results, in operations, as it is these folks that have the best understanding of what is actually achievable.

Unrealistic goals and missions in a business are akin to a ship that is destined to run aground without the power or skill to avoid the upcoming collision.

Working with Glimpse Media

Working with Glimpse Media to establish your organisation’s budget will ensure that the goals are congruent across the whole business, and that every employee is working towards the same overarching mission.

This congruence leads to a better coordination between all of the functions within your business, and can be your most effective management tool when results are measured, and variances investigated.

For more information on how we can review your organisation’s priorities and budgeting process, get in touch.

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