The Future of PT

A scalable and slick website solution, easy-to-use for both clients and trainers.

We were asked by Beem to create a new responsive web platform for their new business idea - an online directory for PTs.

Built from the ground up

Beem's website IS their service

This project was not just about creating a website which accompanied a service, it was their business. A bespoke directory for an all new market, person training.

Creating a future-proof and adaptable solution

Developing a website that IS the business requires a different approach. We needed to understand Beem’s business model entirely and factor that into the development of their site. This is not just a simple e-commerce site, but a complex set of systems working together in harmony.

Not only did the site need to be extremely simple to use (for both clients and PTs), we also needed to incentivise PTs into publishing their profile through user-flow analysis, call-to-actions, one-page promos, promotional hero sections, and clever placement.


  • Online Directory
  • E-Commerce
  • Hosting




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