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Concept Dairy


Time scale
2.5 Weeks
  • Logo
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Brand Guidelines

Disrupting the industry

Concept Dairy offer commodity trading consultancy services specifically to dairy farmers and cooperatives in the UK. A relatively new service available to dairy producers, Concept Dairy aim to disrupt the established industry and thus needed a brand that was fun, approachable and professional, but and not too intrusive.

The Concept Dairy cow is realistic looking however it has a very subtle upturned mouth to make it appear as though it is smiling. The glasses on the cow are separated from inside the frames to make the eyes pop out. With its head at a tilt, this yet-to-be-named cow looks both inquisitive and gleeful.

Color & material

We had to have the glasses stand out, and the colour decided on was bright red. However, we felt that bright red throughout the brand would be too overpowering, the complete opposite message Concept Dairy wanted to portray.

Rather than a traditional black and white cow, we felt this dark blue complemented the red nicely, and would instead be the main colour of the brand.

Dark Blue


Bright Red


Light Blue


Light Grey