Reassuringly Calm

A non-clinical introduction for dentally anxious patients.

An estimated 20% of people are so anxious they do not regularly see their dentist. We were asked to create a new website for a practice specialising in the treatment of dentally anxious patients.

Reassuring vulnerable patients in a non-clinical environment that everything’s going to be okay.

Around 70% of patients have some form of dental anxiety. 20% of people are so scared, they forego the dentist altogether. We were asked to create an informal yet informative, calming yet reinforcing website for a dentist specialising in dentally anxious patients.

With their mind preoccupied, this site needed to be as easy as possible to use, hence it is only one page. The warm imagery reinforces positives emotions, with the information experty written to be efficiently comprehensive.


  • Website
  • Copywriting
  • Branding




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