Peufiner Tea and Coffee Logo

The Revolutionary Coffee Bar

We were asked to create a logo for Peaufine, the revolutionary tea and coffee bar with a unique experience. Enter what at first feels like a shop, presented with a pick and mix of tea leaves and coffee beans. You can either choose to pay for your products and take them home, or hand them to the barista for a freshly brewed drink.

The Breakdown

We wanted a logo which we contain a symbol strong enough to be able to be on its own. For example, on the side of the mug, or on stamps, Fav Icons, etc.

The symbol we created needed to reflect both tea and coffee. And so we incorporated the shape of a tea leaf over the curved spine of a coffee bean.

Adding the date the business was established adds a more premium feel to the company.

Peufiner Tea and Coffee Logo Mug Mockup

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