Zupt Stationary Design - Invoice

Stationary that feels "World-Leading"

World-leading specialists

Zupt are specialists in their field of work. We were asked to create a whole suite of stationary material to portray their professionalism to all stakeholders.

Inertial Technology

Wanting to keep their renowned Orange colour palette, the feel for their stationary had to be appropriate for the Science and Engineering community.

Range of Ideas

Flexible and speedy work

We provided Zupt with 4 ideas to begin with, from which only a few more iterations were needed to arrive at something we all loved. All projects we work with start this way; we have too many ideas to just provide you with 1!

Specialist Stationary

Bespoke literature for niche markets

As a world-leading engineering firm, Zupt needed bespoke literature for a range of niche purposes. These Data Sheets helped describe their inertial surveying products to their clients effectively. Provided in an editable template, Zupt can easily adapt this going forward as they expand their range.

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