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Pubs and Bars were allowed to open on the 4th July in the United Kingdom, which is great news for not only these venues who have been forced to close during the global pandemic, but also for their customers, as long as the environment is safe to do so.

The UK Government has advised that all pubs should ensure strict compliance of social distancing, and recording customer contact details for the use of contact tracing.

Mitigate against loss in footfall by allowing customers to place their own orders. Electronically collect their contact details through the order process to help with contact tracing should it be needed.

Whilst these enforcements are very much needed, Pubs and Bars may struggle with the increase in admin, and have a reduce in foot fall if their tables are not already situated 2m apart.

Our Solution

That’s why Glimpse Media have developed a SipApp, a new end-to-end service which, through scanning a customised QR Code sticker, allows the customer to order and pay for their rounds without having to leave their table.

Bar staff receive real-time updates allowing them to fulfil orders without having to worry about spending a prolonged time with customers, or having customers spend time at the bar.

Moreover, SipApp automatically collects customer contact information and retains it for 21 days, complying with contact tracing regulations.

Mitigating for the footfall loss

By allowing customers to place orders at their own pace, the limiting factor is now no longer the number of staff behind the bar.

Bar staff can quickly fulfil and process orders without having to spend time away from the bar taking orders.

Whilst we recommend only allowing card orders, you can also allow customers to pay in cash upon delivery of their drinks.

As all of the orders are sent electronically, we have developed a suite of reporting tools you can use to make for better business decisions and speed up your accounting.

Try it out!

If you are a bar and wish to try out SipApp, you can visit our dedicated website to find out more information:

Alternatively, try out a demo of what your online bar could look like by going to:

Try and test payments using our Test Card 4242 4242 4242 4242, using any three numbers for the CCV code and any future date for the expiry.

Get SipApp

SipApp can be installed on your server and be fully branded so that it is an extension of your bar.

Get in touch if you are interested in how SipApp can help you by clicking here, or by calling us on 0203 488 3833.

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